About Us

Company History

Siybauco & Associates has been in the business as an insurance agency for over 25 years, even though it was only incorporated in 1996.



Siybauco & Associates intends to be a world class asset protection company.



Siybauco & Associates aims to protect the assets of it’s customers from losses whether they be tangible or intangible such money, properties, equipment, health, reputation and others.


We Achieve Our Mission by the following:

  1. Providing affordable insurance, risk management and financial planning solutions to our customers.
  2. To provide our customers with reliable, competent and updates advices and services.
  3. To provide ease and fairness in claim and disaster handling.
  4. To treat our customers, carriers and associates as our valued partners for progress and growth.
  5. To continually improve our services by using technology and comprehensive trainings for our employees and associates.


Core Values

Principle: Integrity, Information, and Initiative
Mindset: Efficiency, Effectively and Excellence